About Us


The Robotics and Automation Society is a student-run organization that provides its members with hands-on experience in robotics. RAS enhances students' education by supplementing classroom lectures with designing, prototyping, and competing cutting-edge autonomous robots. It provides motivated individuals with the tools and materials they need to bring their innovative ideas to life. In addition to honing their technical skills, students also learn to manage projects, acquire funding, make budgets, and meet competition deadlines.


  • Connect with like-minded individuals who are also passionate about robotics! Chat with upperclassmen who can provided research, gradschool, and internship advice and industry connections.
  • Learn new subject matter that is not typically covered in courses through projects and RAS-hosted workshops! This will give you an edge when applying for internships and full time roles.
  • Get exclusive access to the major robotics companies in the area through site tours!
  • Get access to our workshop where you can build high quality robots with high quality parts.
  • Build your network and collaborate with students multiple multiple universities around the country!

Our Team in the news


International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC)

Current Executive Board

  • (President) Olivia Sobek
  • (Vice President) Killian Rush
  • (Director of Outreach) Dana He
  • (Director of Business) Yun Dong
  • (Director of Operations) Joshua Summers

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