Robot Arms

A great entry into the world of industrial automation.


The goal of this project is to introduce the world of robotics and prototyping. Our system will have three degrees of freedom - two axes from our double jointed arm with a gripper attachment and the third axis from the robot being installed on a linear rail.

The full robot assembly is designed with school license CAD software and printed and tested with our available 3D printers. The hardware takes care of power conversion and handles distribution to many motors, sensors, and microcontrollers.

The software runs on an Arduino Uno and implements the robot's inverse kinematics model and handles sensor communication. The goal is to develop this project over the semester to include more sensing and control to achieve a robotic arm that can translate to any position you command that's within reach

How to Join

Just message us! No experience is necessary to join and students of all backgrounds are welcome. This includes (but is not limited to) computer engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering. See our contact page for how to reach us.


*A higher resolution picture of the schematics is available on our Github.